7 Weird Consultation Moments that Indian Doctors will relate to

How many times have you been asked about a treatment advice while attending a wedding or some other personal event? How about phone calls at odd times? And, what about WhatsApp messages on your personal number!

No other profession has the lines between their work and life as blurred as doctors. This National Doctor’s Day, we thought of reminding people about respecting the personal space of doctors. While sometimes it cannot be avoided due to emergencies, most of the times it can be. All it needs is a better judgement call at patients’ end.

So, we reached out to doctors in our network and asked them about the weirdest moments from their lives when someone asked for a medical opinion in an unexpected setting.

We re-created their narratives and added some melodrama (read: Bollywood characters) to present a collection of 7 weird, funny, odd occasions when someone asked for a doctor’s opinion. Dekhiye naa zara.
Not To be Taken Seriously

1. The Morning Walk Advice

Dr Pamnani stepped out to get some fresh air. Little did he know that he will bump into his neighbor who had this bumper question for him.


2. The Trip-Advisor

Dr. Lisa thought she will have fun booking tables and rooms on her vacation but her friend mistook it for an operating table!

3. School Chale Hum

Dr. Kohli was shocked when he was asked this in response to his kid’s vowel problems.

4. Drofers

Dr. Sardar Khan had both the shopping lists memorised until this happened.

5. The Flying Sick

Dr Sharma had no clue that even while flying she will be hovered by a consultation seeker.

Doctor's Day 5

6. I would like to order…

Dr. Priya was busy deciding what to eat but instead got herself busy in advising the chef what not to eat!

Doctor's Day 6

7. Made for each other

Name a better duo than Weddings and Doctor Consultations, we’ll wait….

Weirdest Consultation Moments

It’s no secret that doctors are the superheroes we need.

It has never been more important to appreciate the efforts that they put to keep the human race healthy.

At the same time, we must realize that doctors should not be consulted anywhere, anytime (exception: Emergencies).

So, this Doctor’s Day while we thank them for their efforts, let us wipe out the old habits and take a pledge to #SayHiNotRai

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