OPD management by OPDlift: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - OPDlift

In this article:

  • Questions that doctors usually have before signing up for OPDlift
  • How is OPDlift different from other online platforms
  • Compliance and medico-legal aspects of Telemedicine
  • Details about our pricing plans and post activation support

Q: What is OPDlift?

We are a patient management platform for clinics and hospitals. Using our services you will be able to practice telemedicine while managing your walk-in and appointment patients smoothly.

Q: What do I get?

  1. Telemedicine: Consult patients via audio or video without requiring patient side APP
  2. Appointment Booking: Exclusive webpage to book online and clinic appointments  
  3. Walk-in management: Automatic waiting time and follow-up bookings

We do not charge commission on consultation fees. You can setup separate timings and fees for online and in-person consultations.

Q: How will patients book appointments with me?

There are three ways to do that:

  1. Online: We will create a webpage and/or integrate OPDlift widget on your existing website using which patients can book appointments and make online payments.
  2. Over Phone: You and your staff can take appointments over phone, when a patient calls. You just need to enter patient’s name & mobile number in the relevant OPD section.
  3. Google Maps: We will add your webpage to your clinic’s Google Map. This will help new patients to find you and book online appointments.

Q. Will I get more new patients by using OPDlift?

Yes & No.

Unlike other online platforms we do not sell patient leads to you (or any clinic). Therefore, we will not promise you any fixed number of patient leads.

However, we will provide you will a customized WhatsApp message for sharing with your patients. It contains your webpage using which patients can book appointments and share it in their network.

In addition, we will add your webpage to your Google Map listing so that new patients can find you online and consult you via Telemedicine or in-person. We will also promote your YouTube videos, blogs and patient testimonials on social media and your webpage. The link to your webpage is shared on WhatsApp and SMS with every patient: walk-in, appointment or telemedicine. This helps in reaching out to more patients and increasing credibility among your existing patients.

Note: We observed a 40% improvement in patient compliance on an average (follow-up rate in Q4 vs Q3’19 among our partner clinics).

Q. Will other doctors be shown on my OPDlift webpage?

No. Never. This webpage is your exclusive digital estate and no other doctor’s profile can be seen or searched on this page. It will carry your clinic’s logo and name. Click here to see a demo clinic page.

You can freely share your webpage with your existing patients via SMS, WhatsApp and social media. We will also help you integrate it with your clinic’s Google Map so that patients can see Website besides Call and Directions and book online appointments. You can also take a print-out of the link and display it at your clinic.

*There is no extra cost for the webpage and we provide free lifetime maintenance for any changes till you continue to use our services. Click here to activate your account or read on for more FAQs.

Q. How to provide Online Consultations?

Online consultations can be provided via OPDlift app or Web dashboard.

There are three buttons next to the patient’s name: Phone, Video and Rx. You can initiate phone consultation, video consultation and share prescription by clicking on the respective button. Your number will not be shared with the patients during phone & video consultations, thereby ensuring privacy.

Once the consultation is over you can share the Rx directly with the patient, or with your staff who can then share it with patients. Let us know your preference at the time of account activation. Click here to activate your account.

Note: Please refer to the question below about how you and patients get notified about appointment bookings.

Q. How will I know about my appointments?

Whenever a patient books an appointment, it reflects in your app account under the respective OPD session.

At doctor’s end:  You will get email & app notifications whenever an appointment is booked, cancelled or rescheduled. Your staff will also get these notifications on his/her mobile app. You will also receive an end of day (EOD) OPD update showing you a chart of the number of consultations you provided over the last 7 days.

You will see appointments by installing OPDlift app on Play Store and App Store. We will share your account details at the time of activation.

At patient’s end: Patients receive WhatsApp, SMS and email at the time of appointment confirmation. They will also receive WhatsApp and SMS notifications in case of appointment reschedule or cancellation.

Q. What are the charges?

We charge a flat monthly fee. There is no annual or quarterly lock-in, or any consultation basis commission. Payment is made in advance on a 30-days rolling period basis, so you can start at any time during the calendar month. Click here to activate your account.

Note: There are other pricing options for polyclinics & hospitals. Look at our other pricing options here.

We know you will like our services, but we do not want you to feel stuck if you feel unhappy due to any reason. Therefore, there is no lock-in period.  If you wish to discontinue using our service, you may do so at any time but no refund will be initiated for past payments.

Q. How much time it will take to activate my account?

Our team is working round the clock to activate telemedicine during these turbulent times. After you submit the required information and complete the online payment, it takes us approximately 4 business hours to activate your account. The maximum time for account creation is 12 business hours, otherwise you are entitled to 50% refund on your first month’s service fee. Click here to activate your account.

Q. How do I know that OPDlift is following the required Telemedicine Guidelines?

We are fully compliant with the latest telemedicine guidelines released by GoI on 25th March. To share some highlights:

  • When a patient books online consultation we take his/her explicit consent on this message box: “I consent to online consultation and understand it limitations”
  • Besides patient’s name, age and gender we also ask for any government issued ID card number. We only ask ID card number and do not require patients to upload ID proof. Ensuring that patients remains identifiable is a critical aspect of telemedicine guidelines, in order to safeguard doctors’ interest and avoid any future medico-legal liabilities.
  • In line with the guidelines, we ask you to share your medical registration certificate for verification purpose. We display your medical registration number on the appointment booking webpage as per the guidelines.

These are some of the many aspects that we take care from guidelines’ compliance perspective. In order to understand the details of latest telemedicine guidelines click here

Q. I have my own website. Can you integrate this feature?

Yes. It is possible to integrate appointment booking, patient management, payment collection with your website and Google My Business (Google Map) account. OPDlift app and web dashboard will remain the same.

Q. I do not have my Rx letterpad. Can I still practice Telemedicine?

Yes. You can write Rx even on a blank piece of paper as far as you ensure the following points:
  • Mention “Tele-consultation” on top right of Rx so that it is clearly legible
  • Mention your medical registration number
  • Sign the Rx either physically or electronically

We follow a very simple process of Rx sharing and you need not change the pen & paper approach for that. Simply take photo of the Rx that you have written and share it with the patient or staff, using our app.

Q. I offer free follow-ups for 7 days to my patients. Can patients book follow-up appointments using OPDlift?

Yes. If you wish to provide free followups to any patient, you or your staff can do that using our app. Follow-ups can be scheduled in two ways:
  1.  At the end of original appointment: We provide an option to schedule follow-ups for appointments that in the current OPD session. You can write the follow-up date on the Rx and your staff (or you) can schedule those follow-ups accordingly. You may decide to charge the patient or keep it free.
  2.  At any time in future: Patients who wish to avail follow-up consultations can contact you or your staff and their follow-up consultations can be scheduled on a case to case basis. For this, you need to go to the calendar view and click on “Add Patient” option. To keep the process simple, we do not provide follow-up appointment option to the patients on website. 

Q. What about the medico-legal aspects?

Medico-legal aspects would be similar to your physical clinic practice. Our legal liabilities are limited to facilitate patient interaction with the clinic.

For clinics, consultation fees directly go to the doctor’s account and we do not charge any commission on that. Therefore, if a patient demands a refund or is not satisfied with the medical services, such refunds or issues are to be managed at the clinic’s end. OPDlift shall not be liable for such refunds.

As per government guidelines, we have made it mandatory for patients to provide consent for online consultation at the time of appointment booking. They have to click on the checkbox that read: “I consent to online consultation & understand its limitations”. This is to help you safeguard from the medico-legal liabilities applicable under the purview of this consent.

Q. Can you collect consultation fee on my behalf? (Payment gateway integration)

Yes, it is possible but in that case payment will not go directly to you. OPDlift will collect consultation fee on your behalf and settle with you in 3 working days (after deducting administration charges). In our basic plan for clinic telemedicine, consultation fees go directly into your bank account via UPI, Wallet or NEFT.

Q. [For Hospitals] We are already using HIMS, what are the benefits of using OPDlift?

We provide white-labelled telemedicine and patient communication solution to increase patient loyalty and treatment compliance. We are fully integrated with HIMS platforms so there are minimal disruption in your front end processes and back end data. Contact us to know more.

Q. Any discount possible?

In view of the pandemic, we are offering our services at a steep discount. You can also subscribe to our quarterly or annual plan to receive up to 14% additional discount. Click here to view pricing and activate your account.

Q. How will I receive support, if needed?

Most of our processes are fully automated and you will not require much manual support. But we will be happy to help you with any queries or troubleshooting. Our technical support team is working remotely and available at 80884 39968 and help@opdlift.com. The timings are Monday-Saturday 8am – 10pm and Sunday 8am – 2pm.


Over 200 happy doctors use our OPD management

Dr. A Tamilselvi
Dr. A TamilselviGynaecologist, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Read More
As luck would have it lockdown started in the 3rd week of March 2020 and it was serendipity that OPDlift was already part of my clinic app. Deepak and his team swung into action and re-worked the app for Teleconsultation during the lockdown. The most important aspect which I liked about it was the fact, that the Consultation timing and the duration of consultation was individualised to suit my schedule. A good app, since the team is willing to go the extra mile to tailor the doctors requirement.
Dr. Krapa Vijay
Dr. Krapa Vijay
Pediatrician, Bhadrachalam, Telangana
Read More
Personally using.. with all latest updates it's complete now .. easy interface.. easy to operate .. user friendly.. jus a smart phone can manage your OPD . Thumbs up👍👍
Dr. Yogesh Vaidya
Dr. Yogesh VaidyaOrthopaedic Surgeon, Thane, Maharashtra
Read More
One of our partners introduced me to the concept of teleconsultation using OPDlift. Till date this concept was totally new and I was quite unsure how the patients will accept it. Right from the very first day I received a tremendous support from Shubham who was always there to solve any issues. The best part was that it had a option of telephonic as well as video consultation and WhatsApp. I would have no hesitation in recommending this platform to my other colleagues.

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