National Digital Health Mission by GoI – All You Need to Know, Updated September 2020

National Digital Health Mission: All you need to know [Updated September ’20] In this article: Overview of NDHM announced by Govt of India Benefits of healthcare digitization in the Indian context Lessons from other countries Implementation challenges and future course of action Doctors often have to make crucial decisions for their patients with very little […]

7 Weirdest Consultation Moments

7 Weird Consultation Moments that Indian Doctors will relate to How many times have you been asked about a treatment advice while attending a wedding or some other personal event? How about phone calls at odd times? And, what about WhatsApp messages on your personal number! No other profession has the lines between their work […]

How will hospitals look post COVID- 19

How will hospitals look post COVID- 19: Precautions to be followed by hospitals The pandemic of COVID- 19 has taken everybody by storm and due to the outbreak of this disease, the risk of getting infected while visiting a clinic or hospital is quite high. Everyone is quarantined and following lockdown rules, and hence plenty […]

Importance of Patient Compliance – Hidden benefits and 3 tips

Patient compliance refers to how well a patient abides by a prescribed diet or treatment plan. This article talks about the importance of it and steps one should take to become treatment compliant.