Life post COVID- 19 : From B.C. to A.D.
Zindagi Before Corona to After Disruption

Selective measures for Life after COVID-19 - OPDlift

Covid-19 has changed our lives forever and the upliftment of the lockdown is no reason to rejoice. As life has taken this new turn, it is high time to unlearn some habits from your B.C. (Before Corona) life and follow these habits in your daily lives to live in the A.D. (After Corona Disruption) era.

Hence, for leading life in the ‘new normal’ here is a list of  some selective measures that you should follow:

  •  Avoid Mass Gatherings –In happiness of upliftment of lockdown do not throw up a party at your home. Also, refrain from visiting places that welcome mass gatherings whether it be a mall, religious pilgrimages or Kanika Kapoor. Avoid using public transport for traveling.
  • Double down on your hygiene: Remember, in these times of crisis, sanitizer and face masks are your best friends. Keep on continuing washing your hands from time to time, especially when you are touching a door knob or pressing lift buttons. Always wear a face mask when stepping outdoors .

Watch this video by Dr. Siddharthan R. to know the different types of face masks and which one do you need:

  •  Social Distancing is here to stay: Maintain at least a distance of 6 feet from others to protect yourself from the risk of infection. Also, uplifting of lockdown does not imply that you stop wearing masks when step out. Distancing from social distancing padega mehenga.
  • Go Digital: Coronavirus can spread through paper money, so use digital money as much as possible for your transactions and avoid coming in contact with paper money.
  • Say no to hotels & clubs: It is kind of natural that you crave to eat outside and hang out with your friends, colleagues and family. But try to keep those plans on hold for a while and wash your hands properly before and after eating at home!

These are some of the important and easy-to-follow steps as the lockdown eases and life begin to get back to normal again.


Follow these steps and stay safe.

Nitya Malani,


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