How will hospitals look post COVID- 19: Precautions to be followed by hospitals

The pandemic of COVID- 19 has taken everybody by storm and due to the outbreak of this disease, the risk of getting infected while visiting a clinic or hospital is quite high. Everyone is quarantined and following lockdown rules, and hence plenty of things are on hold, including the health of the patients. But very soon, the lockdown will be easing and people will come out to get medical assistance so, to provide them a safe environment, here’s a guide of extra safeguards that you should follow-

 1) More Frequent cleaning: The first and foremost practice that requires the utmost focus  is getting the rooms that are used most, disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis. This practice will be a great help in terms of creating a protective environment by killing any infectants that patients might carry.

 2) Encourage online appointments: It’s high time when you should start the service of booking online appointments (if your hospital or clinic hasn’t) as it would be a win-win situation in order to maintain minimal human contact for the virus to not spread. Make sure to draw marks on the floor for the queue to indicate 6-foot distance in registration areas.

 3) Payment mode to be made online: In lieu of COVID19, the new ‘normal’ would demand from you to go cashless in order to minimize coming in contact with paper money and getting infected through that.

 4) Spacing in Waiting areas: To maintain the norm of social distancing, ensure that either there is spacing between the chairs or alternate seats should be left vacant. Keep a check that only limited people are allowed in waiting areas to again minimize the risk of infection.

 5) Modifications in waiting areas: Assure that various newspapers, magazines, toys and other shared items that are kept for patients to keep them busy while they are waiting are removed. You can replace it with alcohol-based sanitizers so that patients can frequently clean their hands using it.

 6) Update visitor policy: Ensure that patients come alone for the appointments and if they are severely ill then only they be allowed to bring a family member or friend with themselves.

 7) Masks or face coverings: Make a rule that people can only enter the hospital or clinics premises wearing masks or face-coverings. Ensure that this rule is followed by every single individual, staff or patients as wearing a mask in public can literally save lives of  so many people. 

 8) Other amenities be provided: Though it goes without saying but keep a check over the fact that soaps or hand wash liquid has been put outside every wash basin. And in case there is a pharmacy in the hospital or clinic, ask them to use gloves for every take and give away.

 9) Appoint OPD-management platform (like OPDlift): Appoint OPD-management platform – If you are using a good OPD management platform, you can easily manage walk-in, appointment and telemedicine patients. The advantage of this is that your walk in patients will get an estimated waiting time. Using an OPD management platform helps you watch out for the number of patients that can  be allowed in the waiting area. Read more about OPDlift here.

 10) Stay connected with your patients: Encourage patients to visit hospitals only in case of emergency but try to be stay in contact with them through ‘Telemedicine’ which proved to be a  ‘game changer’ in healthcare sector as it  provides you a platform to connect with them from the comfort of your respective homes And through this, the patients can reduce person-to-person contact and can even clear their small doubts which doesn’t require them to come visit the hospital or clinic  physically.


Every health expert and organization agrees that these preventive measures are the anti- COVID basics as we slowly ease off the pause button for the society. So, to ensure that another wave of the patients of Corona Virus do not emerge, try implementing these first-line defense mechanisms to your clinics and hospitals.

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