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COVID-19 has and will bring catastrophic changes to our lives. Sadly, it has even made us stand on a pedestal for deciding whether to visit a doctor at the hospital/clinic or not, to get a treatment. But like every other problem has a solution, this problem finds its solution in ‘Telemedicine’ which is basically the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of Internet.

Guide to online consultation - OPDlift

So, these are some common yet important measures that you must follow when you are planning to have online consultation with the doctor.

Step 1: Book Appointment The first and foremost step will include looking at the doctor’s profile whom you will be consulting. For that, you have to visit the exclusive webpage of the doctor on OPDlift and see relevant details such as specialty, consultation time, fee. When you are ready to proceed you can click Book Appointment button, and you will be taken to the next page.

Step 2: Pay Consultation fee On the second page you will see the QR code/UPI ID of the clinic. Please pay using the payment mode mentioned on that page and proceed to fill the form.

Step 3: Fill Appointment Booking Form Select the suitable date and time of your appointment and complete the remaining fields in appointment booking form such as patient’s name, age, gender. We also require you to enter a government ID number as per guidelines. Finally, enter the transaction ID in the form and click on Book Appointment button. You will receive confirmation of the booked appointment via Whatsapp and SMS.

Step 4: How to prepare for the Consultation In case of a phone consultation, the doctor will give you a call at the designated date & time, so be well prepared accordingly. In case of a video consultation, you are advised that you enter your email ID while filling up the consultation form as you will receive a link on your email ID, once you are done with booking the appointment so that you can have consultation via your laptop. Alternatively, doctor will initiate video call and you will get an SMS which has a link, which when clicked on will redirect you to the browser and connect you with the doctor using your phone.

There are some common yet important measures that you must follow when you are planning to have online consultation with the doctor. Sit at a well-lit area before the appointment begins with as little or no background noise. If you want to run your consultation smoothly, be prepared with follow-up questions and keep your medical reports handy.


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