Dr. Srikanth - Patient Testimonials

A great patient experience connects clinical experience with outcomes. It connects efficiency, quality, behaviors and mission with caregiver experience and engagement.

And Dr Srikanth K. N. is one such care provider who has performed various successful Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement surgeries through right approach and treatment of right problems which helped transforming the lives of people of any age to again experience the painless journey in life.

The major surgeries performed by Dr. Srikanth K. N. would include performing a hip replacement surgery on a software engineer where now he can drive a car and live life with confidence.


Watch: How surgery transforms the life of patients at any age! A software engineer’s experience!

Another major positive patient experience would call for a challenging knee replacement of a difficult end stage fused knee.

Watch: Patient experience, after a challenging knee replacement of a difficult end stage fused knee!

Dr Srikanth K. N. again proved his clinical excellence to bring out the patient’s satisfaction.
Sometimes the right approach to diagnosis and right treatment for thr right problem is the key to solve a patient sufferings. And this surely comes with experience of 23 years in the field.


Watch: How experience, the right approach to diagnosis & right treatment for the right problem, leads to patient satisfaction. Mature trees don’t stand proud, but bends down, so that the fruit is accessible to all!

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