Importance of BASIC FIRST AID TRAINING(Maharashtra factory act 1948), Rules for the Industry and their roles and responsibility. Govt had gathered all type of information from the different type of Industries to safe guard the human health and environment.

The presentation will include following main point:

  3. Different types of dressing and their sources.
  4. Required treatment and scientific slip and trip injuries.
  5. Bandaging
  6. General information on generation of HW by individual state.
  7. Type of treatment and disposal facilities and its obligation.
  8. Different technologies etc. Like AUTOMATIC EXTERNAL DEFEBRILLATOR.

What the companies will get:
1. Certificates Valid for 3 yrs. Approve by D.I.S.H
2. Study Material

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DR VIJAY BADE: MBBS AFIH certifying surgeon for industry. Approved by director general of civil aviation and director general of shipping and international medical examiner for oil and gas United Kingdom London and Norwegian maritime authority.

DR BHARGAVI VIJAY BADE: International first aid trainer.

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Dr Vijay Bade

Dr. Vijay Bade MBBS- D.C.H AFIH, FELLOWSHIP IN AEROSPACE Medicine and is affiliated as trainer with American heart association .
Over 10 years, he has conducted more than thousands of lectures to IT industry and manufacturing industry and hotel industry.

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