Routine Vaccination for Children during COVID- 19 times- A guide for parents

Routine Vaccination for Children- A Guide for parents India and the rest of the world is facing a health emergency in the form of the pandemic, COVID-19 and it is disrupting this life-saving vaccination process around the world and putting millions of children’s health on risk. Vaccination plays such an important role in a child’s […]

How will hospitals look post COVID- 19

How will hospitals look post COVID- 19: Precautions to be followed by hospitals The pandemic of COVID- 19 has taken everybody by storm and due to the outbreak of this disease, the risk of getting infected while visiting a clinic or hospital is quite high. Everyone is quarantined and following lockdown rules, and hence plenty […]

Covid-19: The unseen perspective of medical warriors

Superhuman vs. Superbugs Imagine being somebody‚Äôs last hope. Feeding medicines and giving emotional comfort at the same time. Knowing that if the person dies, there will not be any goodbyes or last rites. Imagine stressed up patients ready to commit suicide or even harm others, because they are mentally shattered. Now imagine all of this, […]