Covid 19 - coronavirus banner

25 March 2020:

Happy Ugadi to all of you. This new year starts on a tumultuous note for the whole world and in particular India!

We are in 21 days lock down from today! I tweeted honourable PM Modi 4 days ago that a poor county like India, can only rely on Primary prevention like total lockdown & social distancing, techniques used in 1920s during the Spanish flu! There is no definitive treatment or vaccine for next several months!

Is there any evidence that it works?

Definitely, Wuhan in China the birth place of this virus is the biggest evidence. A 3 month lockdown resulted in 1000 deaths a day at peak to ZERO today! Argentina who has little case numbers who have gone to aggressive lock down is showing less numbers already! South Korea, Japan, Singapore all done the same and got a grip on the epidemic unlike western countries!

2nd important thing is social distancing, i.e. every one should maintain 1 meter distance between each other, including family! This has proven to reduce infection rate from 400 per month to 15 a month.

India is now realising that health is wealth! We welcome PMs message yesterday when he said health is the most important business for every state in India for next 3 weeks. Every thing else can wait and rally around health care workers. 1500 crores investment is welcome. This should really go to procuring of PPE for health care workers (where west is failing), their recruitment, training and setting up of Covid hospitals in the country! India shamefully spends around 2% of its GDP on healthcare! Even UK and US have underinvested in health care in the last 10 years! This will be reflected in the ground realities of how this epidemic spreads!

My Ugadi message to you all is stay at home, DO NOT become the 80% of asymptomatic carriers who kill 20% of the population & 10% of your medical work force. India had a very difficult doctor patient relationships. It’s time to rally behind your doctors as your life depends on them and is in peril! They are the people standing between you and death! Be greatful! Remember all these times you have pointed fingers at others forgetting that your 4 other fingers always pointed at you! Covid 19 is asking you to look with in and change yourself. Become a true human being, on this auspicious day by killing your animal instincts & spirits! This is the only way of redemption & a path out of this global crisis!

Jai hind