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25 March 2020:

Dear all,

The world has seen a drastic change in the last 3 months and for us in India, it was the matter of just 3 weeks. Strangely, the present situation looks just like out of a horror movie scene.


As you are aware, I practiced in UK for 14 years and moved back to India for about 7 years ago but besides that I still maintain a good connection with UK surgeons, colleagues and friends. And what I could collect with them is that their condition in providing basic amenities  like portable water, 24 hours electricity, basic sanitation, high quality health care  is commendable. And to us the country where the corruption affect the common man it will take another 15-20 years.


I won’t be highlighting much on the system of India as we all are pretty much aware about it.


So now, I would like you to take you through some points that should be the new normal for the Indians.


1) To begin with start practising Social Distancing and maintain atleast 1 meter distance from each other.  We have a habit of saying ‘Thoda adjust karlo’ and then fall on each other.  REMEMBER THIS ATTITUDE NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.


2) Lockdown-The most necessary step, do not come out of your homes at any cost. This virus has raised the question on the survival of humanity.


3) Sanitation and Hand hygiene: I have seen a lot of people not washing their hands after using urinals even in 5-star hotels. We have to break this habit and wash our hands for 20 seconds every few hours.

Consequence of not following these basic rules will result only in death. There’s a reason always why West has less accidents than India.


You can contact me via E-consultation with this website So, book your appointments online and you will get a slot where we can consult through technology. Even my physio is available for Rs 750 for 20 minutes.


All the investigation will be ordered electronically and soon your medicines will be delivered at your home.


Government has suggested some clinics to remain opened but on the condition of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and the time it takes to put and take off is around 3-4 hours which will make it only possible to see 1-2 patients in a 8 hour shift per doctor.

And the cost of this will come around 10k per consultation.

Hence, online consultation is much cheaper, safer and saves your time.


I hope that you all will adjust in the time of these crisis over the next few months.


Best wishes,

Dr Srikanth K N

Double FRCS, UK

Infected Revision Specialist, Hamburg, Germany

Proprietor & MD, SSOC, Banglore, India