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My top advice for my patients for the next 30 days is, protect yourself, your loved ones and your doctor from Covid 19!


If you have fever, cough, breathless or come in contact with people who have travelled from abroad, don’t come to clinic!


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Guide lines to be strictly followed for next 30 days by all:

☆ Patients and relatives are not allowed to enter hospital without wearing mask, if they have fever, cough & history of contact with people traveling from abroad.

☆ Patients and relatives should be asked to clean their hands with sanitizer to be provided by hospital at the entrance.

☆ Patients and relatives will be asked for c/o cough, cold and fever at the entrance and will be directed to fever clinics if positive and will not be allowed to go to other departments, unless for emergency ailments. Here also above h/o & h/o of recent quarantine is a must.

☆ Only one relative allowed with one patient to enter the hospital.

☆ Only limited no of patients in the waiting lobby at a time so they are spaced out.

☆ Doctors & staff members of the hospital should use N-95 masks only.

☆ Doctors should use surgical hand gloves even in OPD.

☆ After attending every patient Doctors should use hand sanitizer.


Only emergency and operative patients will be given priority – hospital should restrict the working hours for OPD patients.

Also, hospital staff having cough, cold and fever to be attended immediately by Physician and should be advised to stay back at home for isolation.