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Tips for a safe clinic/hospital visit post lockdown

Tips for a safe clinic/hospital visit post lockdown Once lockdown gets uplifted, you will be waiting to visit the hospitals, clinics and doctors for pending consultations, surgeries and follow-ups. But you should not  directly visit hospitals and clinics  without maintaining a manual of some precautions and ensuring that others

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Guide to Online Consultation- OPDlift

A Guide to Online Consultation with OPDlift

Guide to Online Consultation COVID-19 has and will bring catastrophic changes to our lives. Sadly, it has even made us stand on a pedestal for deciding whether to visit a doctor at the hospital/clinic or not, to get a treatment. But like every other problem has a solution, this

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Selective measures for Life after COVID-19 - OPDlift
Nitya Malani

Life After Covid-19 : From B.C. to A.D.

Life post COVID- 19 : From B.C. to A.D. Zindagi Before Corona to After Disruption Covid-19 has changed our lives forever and the upliftment of the lockdown is no reason to rejoice. As life has taken this new turn, it is high time to unlearn some habits from your

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