Covid-19: The unseen perspective of medical warriors

Superhuman vs. Superbugs Imagine being somebody’s last hope. Feeding medicines and giving emotional comfort at the same time. Knowing that if the person dies, there will not be any goodbyes or last rites. Imagine stressed up patients ready to commit suicide or even harm others, because they are mentally shattered. Now imagine all of this, […]

Dr. Srikanth Patient Testimonials

Dr. Srikanth – Patient Testimonials A great patient experience connects clinical experience with outcomes. It connects efficiency, quality, behaviors and mission with caregiver experience and engagement. And Dr Srikanth K. N. is one such care provider who has performed various successful Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement surgeries through right approach and treatment of right problems […]

Telemedicine Guidelines in India: What you need to know [Updated 2020]

Telemedicine Guidelines in India: What you need to know? [Updated August 2020] In this article: Permitted formats for telemedicine Latest guidelines for telemedicine in India, updated on 25th March 2020 Prescription limitations for audio, video & chat consultations Doctors’ rights in telemedicine (medico-legal) Tips for successful delivery of online consultations   Telemedicine has been around […]