Covid 19 update – 29 March – Blog by Dr. Srikanth

25 March 2020: Why surgeons who continue to operate in Covid19 pandemic run the risk of killing themselves and their families! Prof Alister Hart is a very renowned & reputed professor of Orthopaedic surgery in the world, completely devoted to the profession. He has come up with a landmark paper, about to be published in […]

Online OPD: How do I run OPD during Covid pandemic?

How do I run OPD during Covid-19 pandemic? These are testing times for the healthcare community. We are in the middle of an unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that has claimed more than a million lives so far. The government decided to lock down many cities and towns, rightly so, but it also affected the OPD services […]

Coronavirus in India – Message by Dr. Srikanth (20 March)

My top advice for my patients for the next 30 days is, protect yourself, your loved ones and your doctor from Covid 19!   If you have fever, cough, breathless or come in contact with people who have travelled from abroad, don’t come to clinic!   Instead login to this site and you can pay […]